Tuesday, December 19, 2017

"What did I get from winning a Gold Medal from CLC? Self confidence." ~ C.M. Huddleston

"Winning a Gold Medal from CLC for Greg’s First Adventure in Time changed how I think about my writing. I always wanted to be a writer, but six books later I had begun to doubt my abilities. Sales came sporadically at best, and past the first flurry about my venture into middle grade fiction, I had just about decided to go back to nonfiction full time. I didn’t even remember entering the book in the contest when the announcement of the finalists arrived on 1 June. As I waited from 1 June 1 to 1 July’s announcement of the awards, my confidence grew. Someone had recognized that I possessed at least some talent. I worked hard each day writing Greg’s Third Adventure in Time. That bit of praise spilled over into my nonfiction work as well. What did I get from winning a Gold Medal from CLC? Self confidence. Sometimes the best prize of all is just that bit of recognition for doing a good job at what you love most to do. I love writing. I think I’ll keep going."

~2016 Literary Classics  
 GOLD Award Winning Author
 C.M. Huddleston, Kentucky, U.S.A.

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